Thursday, September 5, 2013

Imagine Whirled Peas

TDC #605:  Can you find calm in chaos or the opposite, take a photo.

I came up with this idea right after the Senate committee approved the resolution authorizing U.S. strike on Syria.  I am also the primary caregiver for my 98 year old mother-in-law who has dementia.  Often times she gets frustrated and angry with me.  In order to maintain my sense of humor, this is how I imagine her brain.  The Buddha is holding kyanite, a crystal that has a calming effect.

I borrowed the background image from  I hope that is ok for a newbie.  Perhaps I can learn how to whirl peas through #ds106.

The concept was easy, the execution was more difficult.  I do not have Adobe Photoshop, so I downloaded ArtWeaver, which is very similar.  I managed to learn a little more about layering, which I can see is a must have for #ds106.

In the immortal words of John Lennon...

(Note:  I also learned how to embed a video in Blogger!)

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