Sunday, September 1, 2013

Backwards = The Perfect Ten

Backwards = The Perfect 10!
Backwards = The Perfect Ten

This is TDC 601! That is 106 backwards! Draw something 106ish backwards

Now that I seem to be getting the hang of the Daily Creates, I went back to Paper53 for inspiration.  The first thing I did was try 106 to see if I could "see" anything.  Adding the arrows helped, but then I dead-ended.  I wanted to add the question mark, so I brought it into another program for emphasis. I then decided to flip the image upside down when I saw the 901.  

My analytic mind jumped behind the steering wheel and came up with 9+1=10.  While not a really great idea, I liked how both sides of the brain complimented each other.  Upside down and backwards equals the Perfect Ten.

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