Sunday, September 8, 2013

Every Refrigerator Tells a Story

tdc#609:  Fridges are Cool! Make an image that shows how hip a refrigerator can be

Ok, I'm not sure if it is cool, but I thought the transparent image of the front door and the inside of the fridge was pretty neat, IMHO.  It also gives me a chance to practice with layers.

If you look closely, you can see the pictures that my granddaughter Sophie drew for me.  The picture on the left is of the spider that lives outside the dining room window.  When she asked me what I should draw, I said, why don't you draw Charlotte?

As I get more adept with the software, I realize that I could make both pictures the same size so that they overlay directly over the picture.  I was going to try and do this, but I realize that I haven't written my weekly summary, so there's always next time!


  1. You must teach me how you use layers. What software did you use? Haven't figured that out yet! (Liz has two pet spiders that live outside our windows, Lucy and Herbert!) Very hip fridge, and beautiful granddaughter!

    1. I'm using Artweaver (free download). I've used Photoshop before so I have a little experience, but it's been years. AW has some good tutorials. I had the idea and then tried to execute it. It was relatively easy. Now just refine! She's cute isn't she?