Monday, October 7, 2013

How Do You Know You Are Learning?

List twenty ways you can document your learning. How many have you done this week?

As you might imagine, because this was a written assignment (no frills, no pictures, no html code) I started to generate a list...and then half way through the exercise, I realized I needed to be more creative [duh, it's a Daily Create, stupid]. So I decided to use words that ended with     -ate. It was kind of fun. Did you know that in chemistry, -ate is used to form the names of salts from acids [acetic acid ..acetate].  Sounds like a transformation to me, doesn't it?

Kevin Hodgson @dogtraxx upped the ante when he created a humorous Haiku Deck to illustrate his ideas. Since I had done a Haiku Deck earlier in the week [I really like Haiku Deck, btw], I decided to illustrate my ideas visually as well. Thanks for the inspiration, Kevin.
  1. Write a Story
  2. Make a Diagram 
  3. Record a Poem
  4. Shoot a Video
  5. Write a Song
  6. Post a Blog
  7. Take a Picture
  8. Create a Slide Show
  9. Make a Movie
  10. Host a Google Hangout
  11. Create
  12. Innovate
  13. Curate
  14. Narrate
  15. Illustrate
  16. Annotate
  17. Meditate
  18. Accommodate
  19. Debate
  20. Bloviate (I love this word.  It summed up the current discussion of the U.S. government shutdown this week).
(NB:  I intentionally only illustrated 10 of the ways that I document my learning using the words that end in -ate).

How do you know you are learning?  How can you document it?

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